Motion and Still

Motion and Still is all about premium, rich content. We serve downtown Toronto and create video and photography for social media. Combining strategy, quick timelines and strong execution, we connect your audience with you, your brand and your channels. 

Quality imagery, delivered on time, shared online. 

​​​​You've got a channel and a community, but now you need content. Great for social media gurus, local businesses and enterprises with a million other things to do, and multiple channels to support. 

A premium, all-in-one Social Media Solution - Run a full media campaign with high quality video and images specific to each channel and audience,

Our photographers are local and visible in their communities, accustomed to being the first on the scene. They've won awards, created short viral films [Hobo with a Shotgun], been featured on the Marilyn Dennis Show, and are on our team plainly because they're good. 


Video + Photography for Social Media

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Motion and Still is a photo and video service specializing in social media content. Book customised shoots online with skilled, passionate and local photographers who deliver in 48 hours to your inbox.

See what Motion and Still can do for your social media campaign.