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Welcome to our new look.

Whenever you look at a website of a company that has been around for a few years, you're totally seeing something old. It's just because they've been busy staying in business, and once the first website is up [which probably took months to make too] I bet you it's rare that anything changes for a good long while.

We celebrated our 5th anniversary a couple of days ago [it was the 11th of October] and its been a fun ride getting to this point. We've evolved from renting a kitchen table at an art collective for $50 a month, moving to a basement [where we threw a huge awesome party with fire breathers... and the cops came], to a shared desk space incubator, and then to our first legit office at CSI Spadina. Now, we're in a beautiful brick and beam loft, and we're looking at expanding our square footage to have a mini Studio #2.

This is our new website, v2, and I hope you like it. Let me know if it loads ok.



Our new website

Shot of our current studio area, the rest of the office makes up the other 70% but this is my favourite corner.

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